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My Story

From depleted, disconnected & depressed to being deeply & consciously in touch with myself


WELCOME BELOVED, I look forward to walk with you on this beautiful path of feminine awakening and masculine rising.

I used to have so many coping strategies to deal with the pain, fear and suffering I felt inside. My anxiety and depression was overwhelming. However, on the outside my life looked great. What people did not know was the fact that I was a chronic control freak, over-achiever, perfectionist wearing the "independent armor" around me as protection, seeking safety and happiness through the external world. Trying to fill the void inside, to earn my worth through achievements and recognition from work and others (especially from men)


I did accomplish many of my dreams, being a Top Fitness profile, blogger and Health Editor in the biggest Swedish Magazines, working with famous brands, participating in events all over Europe, photoshoots, modeling, running my online business - you name it. However, I was very much disconnected from my body, heart, soul and feminine essence. I had deep wounds with the masculine/men and was primarily living from my masculine overfunctioning energy. My relationships were reflecting my lack of self-love and disconnection to my heart and truth. I was constantly exhausted, burned out, and yet chasing the next 'high'. It was an addictive lifestyle, and so deeply unsatisfying. Until I reached a point where I could no longer live in denial of my destiny, my deepest calling. 

My decision to move to Bali, completely changed the direction of my life. I took a leap of faith, dove deep into my healing journey and greatest expansion. I allowed myself to die and be born a new (over and over), to explore the depths of my feminine essence, my true nature as a woman, all the things I had suppressed and compromised during my whole life. It was my most courageous step into the unknown, investing in myself and my spiritual evolution. I was ready, there was no turning back.


My inner compass guided me to leave everything, my old identity, my 8 year partnership, my career, destructive behaviors and repeating patters with the masculine - I released it all, created space and changed my life from the inside and out. I was fully committed, in returning to the richness, sweetness, fullness and TRUTH of being a woman living in Devotion.

I walked with fear and joy and it turned out to be the beginning of the most beautiful adventure and chapter


I created space for my feminine to flower open, trusted in where this path was taking me. As my life started to change internally things shifted externally. Forcing, pushing and doing was replaced with BE-ing, alignment and magnetism. 

My gift is to initiate you on this sacred feminine path, see you, and to guide you to remove the armor, clear the chaos in the womb, unlock all the beauty within you so that you can truly live your life in harmonic resonance with your deep feminine designYou take the aligned steps and together we create magic! My biggest love, xx 


This work connects your body, heart, mind with soul and sensation. Meeting all parts of you that is here to be integrated & liberated.

Tropical Leaves

Being an
of Love

To be a vessel for love to move through

you and touch everything and 

everyone connected to you.


To live in deep intimacy with your Dharma, your supreme path. Allowing yourself to be Divinely held and guided, by the hand of the Divine.


I am here to support you on this profoundly mystical, and primordial feminine path. Walk with you back to the wisdom within and guide you to your true 

nature as a feminine essence being.

This is a powerful journey is of de-armoring,

sacred sensuality, Masculine repair,

womb-healing, devotional love, intimacy,

Sacred Union, spiritual maturity, subconscious rewiring and so much more.


As a spiritual mentor I fuse ancient/future techniques, teach energetics and the path of Hieros Gamos -  the return of sacred inner marriage. This beautiful initiation invites you to arrive into sovereign Wholeness, blossom into your supreme path and authentic Soul-Self. 


Take my hand, you no longer need to walk alone...

Love, Sassa xx


We cannot experience the absolute fullness

of our feminine & womanhood, without restoring & repairing our relationship with men, money & God. Exalting “HIM” within us is essential and the foundation for our deeper feminine awakening, as womenIt is why this particular part is at the core of my work.

This is your evolutionary walk back home to yourself.

The more connected you are on the inside, the

more graciously you will be able to move with life and 

receive all of the beauty this experience has to gift you. 

Goodbye heart walls and protection, 
Hello open heart❤️ 


My Approach

To be a spaceholder, a mystic, an initiator as you awaken and return to the woman you came here to be. Soften into your body, while you exalt your inner masculine, repair your relationship with men and connect with the intelligence and richness of your internal world. 

You will learn to trust the opening of your heart, even when

you are grieving, feeling upset or sad. Meeting yourself in the darkness, loving yourself from the inside and out. Living with the knowing that your walk here on earth is incredibly SACRED. 

The purpose of Soul Work is not to try to have your wounding erased. It is to arrive at a place of surrender, and peace. Kissing your scars and transmuting your wounds into gifts you carry forward, — being a true emotional alchemist that you are. 

To know yourself is to know a thousand deaths my love.

To be born a New, again and again to a greater version. The rite of passage might be super messy, exhausting sometimes,

but It is worth it. No quick-fixes, no escaping, only a deeper surrender and sustainable shifts to self-mastery as you gracefully move through the layers of your shadows, subconscious and turn everything into pure gold. This is what true alchemy looks like. 

Slowly descending, becoming familiar with feminine arts and feminine consciousness teachings - all of which are beautifully wove into the way I guide. 

I cannot wait to see you majestically blossom into the fullness of you, Woman! 

Energetically, Mentally + Emotionally integrated. Spiritually matured, living a deeply nourishing, surrendered lifestyle holding you through life. Give yourself the greatest gift, your own investment, love, devotion and observe your world change! 

It is my greatest joy and service to humanity to assist in the awakening of the deeply Feminine-essenced women, like yourself. To remind your of your true nature as the heart of Devotion and Love. 





Step into the next version of you!

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in this moment. You will receive a customized transmission, a beautiful expanded 

experience & taste of how it feels to start living your most expanded, authentic expression✨ 

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The dark cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek - Joseph Campbell

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Explore your heart + soul. It's time! 

Let's glow!❤️ 

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