My Story

From depleted, disconnected & depressed to being deeply & consciously in touch with myself

IT'S A JOY & HONOR TO HAVE YOU HERE. I BELIEVE THERE IS SOMETHING INSIDE OF YOU THAT SEEKS TO BE ACTIVATED and DEEPLY MOVED. WELCOME BELOVED, I look forward to walk alongside you on this beautiful path of remembrance and empowerment....

I used to have many coping strategies to deal with the pain, fear and suffering I felt inside, my anxiety and depression was overwhelming. However, on the outside my life looked great. What people didn't know was the fact that I was constantly seeking for validation and happiness through the external world. Trying to fill the void inside, to earn my worth through achievements and validation from others. 


I did accomplish many dreams alongside my life (in the old paradigm), studying human behavior and advancement, being a Top Fitness Influencer, blogger and Health Editor in the biggest Swedish Magazines, working with huge brands, events all over Europe, photoshoots, modeling - you name it. However, I was very much disconnected from my body, heart + soul. I was primarily living from my masculine energy and my relationships were reflecting my own lack of self-love and disconnection to my heart. I was constantly exhausted, and yet chasing the next 'high'. It was an addictive lifestyle, and so deeply unsatisfying. 

My decision to move to Bali, completely changed my life. I took a deep dive into my healing and greatest expansion. I allowed myself to explore the depths of my essence, all the things I had suppressed during all the years. It was the hardest & best decision of my life to take that big leap into the unknown. I had to let go of everything, my old identity, my 8 year partnership, my career, old behaviors and patters - I completely redirect and change my life to heal from the inside and out. 

I committed to walking with fear and excitement into the unknown and it turned out to be the beginning of the most beautiful journey connecting with source, cultivating safety and stability within me, as I was coming back home to my heart, body, soul and most liberated and empowered self!


I took my power back, created space for my feminine to flow and re-structured my life from the inside and out. As my life started to change internally things stared to shift externally. Our unique path is holy, our life is truly our medicine!  


You are equipped with all the tools to transform yourself, connect with your sexual energy (life force energy) and to live in alignment with your purpose. My gift is to see that in you, and to guide you to unlock all of that powerful potential and magic so that you can begin to truly live your life with deep meaning and presence. 


You take the leap and together we rise and create magic!


My work connects your body, heart, mind with soul and sensation. Meeting all parts of you that is here to be set free.

Beautiful you, this is your evolutionary walk back home to yourself. The more grounded you feel on the inside, the

better you're equipped with facing the challenges

coming your way and the better you're at receiving

all the beauty of life. 


My Approach

To be a space holder, a spiritual guide and a powerful mirror as you awaken and discover your inner wisdom, open your body and connect with your heart. 

Your sexual energy is your life force energy. As you begin to

re-connect with yourself, and internal guiding system, you become the one with the tools to lead and heal yourself while taking courages steps.


You will learn to consciously open your heart, even when you are grieving, feeling upset or sad. You discover how to tap into your own energy and become the Alchemist of your own life. 


Meeting yourself in the darkness, loving yourself from the inside

and out. Walking with the knowing that your pain is your portal to your greatness. 

To know yourself is to know a thousand deaths my love.

To be born a New, again and again to a greater version. The rite of passage might be messy, but It is worth it. No quick-fixes, only sustainable shifts to self-mastery as you gracefully move through the layers of your own subconscious mind and turn your pain into your power.   

I serve you to reprogram your subconscious mind,  energetic strategies that will work for your life, love, business, based on your unique energy signature. Guiding you to your deepest healing - for you step into the most authentic version of you. 

I can't wait to see you majestically rise into full bloom and radiance. Moving and leading from your heart and soul! 


Energetically + emotionally balanced. Living a sustainable lifestyle holding you throughout life. 





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The dark cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek - Joseph Campbell

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