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A Powerful journey of Masculine Mastery.


A container designed to activate your rising and connect you with the intelligence of your heart.

A bold and courages move that will empower you,

on all levels. From the inside and out. 


You step into this container as one man and step

out as another. 

Learn how to harness your masculine gifts, rewire 

& build a strong, sustainable foundation. 

No more disempowered choices made from your mind, no more need for validation. No more unworthiness, lack consciousness,

or outsourcing your power.

This work will awaken the master inside of you and

end the search for happiness, and fulfillment from

the external.

Awake and deeply present in your personal leadership, as a father, brother, friend, business man,

boyfriend and husband.

Life is asking you to Step into your Power.

Life is asking you to Rise into your Wholeness.

Life is asking you to Show Up with you Heart Open.
Life is asking you to Love, Receive, Allow & Evolve.

Your personal power does not lie in your capacity to force an outcome, but in your ability to move from

the core of your inner being. 

With precision and presence.

True Success is sourced from the inside out,

not the outside in.

This is your next level King, it's time.

Let's dive in.

Somewhere in the ruins of your old life you will find the keys to unlock the most

powerful version of yourself. Remember,

your Life, your Masterpiece.

Accountability & Support

You are not meant to do be stuck or do the inner work all alone.

This is why it is so powerful to be guided by someone who can see you beyond any limitations held by your mind, and old stories. See your blind spots, who ONLY hold you at your highest potential. The shift happens first and foremost in your subconscious mind, and once you make the unconscious conscious you unlock the portal to your power. This is where I will guide you, to REWIRE yourself. Share the tools to transform your life from the inside and out. 


I guide you back to your power. Teach you how to make the subconscious conscious, and to become the master of your Frequency. To harness your sexual energy with precision and direction


In this Mentorship you will....

→ Experience powerful internal shifts that will take you out of your mind and deep into your body and start leading from your heart.


→ Integrate your inner child, mature masculine energy, while having a deep connection your inner feminine energy. 

→ Understand the art of polarity, and how to be open with a woman.

 → Feel centred in yourself.


→ Move away from goal oriented, performance love making, to conscious presence and deep connection. 

→ ​Ease your nervous system and symptoms of stress and



→ Become aware of your feelings and how to move them. 

→ ​Deepen the connection you have with yourself and others.


→ ​Feel confident in yourself and with women. Transform the way you relate to The Feminine.

→ ​Live from your heart and integrate toxic energy, patterns and baggage from your past, so you can live powerfully in the NOW. 

→ ​Strengthen your spiritual connection with source.

.....and so much more

Image by Tina Xinia
Image by Юлія Дубина

The power is within you

In these times it's absolutely essential to cultivate deep safety within your own being and discover the source of power you hold - to navigate your life.

We all need to feel safe in order to open our hearts and to lead from that space. True Leadership is rooted in a profound understanding of emotional intelligence.

Imagine knowing how to process your internal world, feeling grounded in yourself. Being able to calm your nervous system in any situation.


All of this is cultivated within you. 

No partner, person, book or anything on the outside will make it happen, until you do.

Learning how to feel your emotions, re-parenting your inner child, and becoming self-sourced is where it's at. In the courage to face your wounds, take radical self-responsibility and rise to the universal power moving through you.


✓ No longer needing intense stimulation

to feel pleasure, on the level of both the mind and the body (pornography is a form of intense external stimulation).

✓ No longer feeling sexual shame, but rather strengthening your sexual center and mature as a man and lover.

✓ No more being a slave to your lust. 

✓ No more shame and guilt around sexuality or feel like you have to perform in bed or any other area of your life.

✓ No more feeling confused or irritated with women.

✓ No more seeking outside to feel good or worthy of love.

✓ No more going for the instant gratification in sex and beyond, instead learning how to harness that powerful sexual life force energy from within.


is a deeply transformative journey and it is for you if…

✧ you are interested in going to the next level in your Power, Love, Spiritual depth and Leadership as a man.
✧ you are committed to showing up for personal and spiritual development –you are here for your evolution
✧ you are here to lead from your Heart
✧ you want to deepen your experience

in life, HERE and NOW

✧expand your intimate life with a partner, inviting more sensitivity and pleasure to penetration 

✧ you want to become fluid in the inner dance of polarity so that you effortlessly switch between the masculine and feminine energy within
✧ you are here to embody the mature masculine
✧ you are here for it all: Impact, Growth, & true Success 

Inside The 1 on 1 Mentorship

All sessions are online based​ 

3 (or 9) x 60 minute calls

The first call is (90 minutes) Personalized High Touch support on

WhatsApp/Voxer Monday-Friday

INVESTMENT: Pay In Full €2.222


INVESTMENT: Pay In Full €7.500

Payment plan available upon request

Image by Kace  Rodriguez

-Release the fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your full power and potential 

-Integrate the root causes of what's holding you back and step into the confident version of you. 

-Advance in your awareness to alchemize your reality and anchor in the moment. 

-Plant the seeds for an empowered new reality DIRECTLY into your nervous system

- Unlock access to more clarity, confidence, and creativity in both your intimate life and beyond.



We'd love to hear from you

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