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1 month deep dive into Feminine Magnetism. This mentorship

is for you to step into your confidence and feminine magic.

I will Guide you to get crystal clarity around what's holding your

magnetism back, radically shift your perspective and guide you to embody your feminine, to awaken from your conditioned mind and move you from Fear to Freedom. You will experience, radical

self-healing, internal and external Transformation.

Accountability & Support

We are not meant to do the inner work all alone. This is why it is so powerful to hire someone who has already gone to the places you want to go, who sees your blind spots, who ONLY sees you at your highest and holds you there. The shift happens first and foremost inside of your being, inside your body. This is where I will Guide you to open up and allow magic to flow in and through your life for your to embrace your true authentic Magnetism. 


The Power of Shifting Your Frequency

and being a Magnet to all your desires, starts in your body. In this Mentorship you will....

→ Experience an internal shift that will move you from controlling and leaning forward to finding yourself leaning back, being deliciously in your feminine + open to receive.

→ ​Ease your nervous system and symptoms of stress.

→ ​Deepen the connection you have with yourself.


→ ​Connect to your feminine energy and how that is connected to your natural magnetism.

​→ Transform the way you relate to The Masculine.

→ ​Live from your heart and remove toxic energy, patterns and baggage from the past.

→  ​Learn how to clear your energy field so that you become a match to that which you want to call into your life - men, money, business goals and more.

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Feminine Magnetism is the result of deep inner work on activating your energy body and your inner radiance. Women who are oozing radiance

are deeply alluring and in-tuned with themselves. 


Once your magnetic field is activated, you naturally draw in people and situations that truly resonate with your energy without pushing.

This is the real secret of the yin, of feminine energy.

Are you ready to activate your feminine magnetism? 

I am here to show you how to embrace your sexual confidence in the world & be able to live a deeply sensual & nourishing life. To communicate effectively & transform your relationship

with yourself and others.


Are you looking outside of yourself to feel safe, loved and beautiful?

I see you love.


I used to feel like I “needed” something external or someone outside of me to like me in order to feel how I wanted to feel.

I would put all my energy in getting what I thought I wanted.  


Regardless if it was men, money, friends, business opportunities.

I was constantly chasing, leaning forward - stuck in my mind thinking that I had to make things happen through force


I mean, it did work, however It never felt satisfying or good having this kind of ”forcing” (manipulating) approach to life and I got burned out. 

Once I started to truly work on my inner world and connect to my sacred sexuality, I began to generate the feelings inside of me that I so desired to experience. 


I began to cultivate safely in my body. 

I began to feel sexy, loved, beautiful, and self-nourished. 

These inner shifts were revolutionary.  

I went from being needy, clingy and pushy - to embodying my Magnetism.


Instead of trying to control the response of my desires, pursuing from a place of lack…


I took a deep breath, did the inner work and shifted my focus inside and I remembered my worth, my magic, the joy of being me - in my pure, wild, playful essence.  

In this way I became the resonant frequency of what I desired. 


Instead of waiting for a man or someone to make me feel good, I just chose to feel good myself and from there my point of magnetism expanded, and people and things started to come to me. 


This is the difference between chasing what we think we want from a place of lack consciousness and magnetizing it from a place of wholeness. 


There is something really sexy about becoming a frequency match to connection, divinity, beauty, love and abundance…just by being You. 


And letting it magnetize to you, without you pushing or controlling


It’s also so much less exhausting, especially as a Woman. 


The reason for why we chase instead of magnetizing is often because:

  • We don’t feel worthy or safe in our body.

  • We are disconnected from our own sex -sensuality. 

  • We grow up chasing our desires and dreams over magnetizing…from the belief that we have to “get” something from lack rather than attracting it from a place of fullness. 


If magnetism is something you desire to master…


I would love to support you in stepping into the Magnetic You. 


We will discover your true confidence through simple, yet powerful exercises. 


So that you can create an inner high vibe and embody your own sexiness with confidence

While feeling soft, safe and sensual. 

This allows you to not only feel more in your feminine, but to also magnetize what you truly desire into your life. 

Sometimes we need to do some gentle healing to make way for our magnetism…


And this is here I will Guide you. 


I can’t wait to walk you through this 1 Month transformation,

activating your Magnetism. 


Love, Sassa

Are you ready

✓ To unleash a new energy within you, and activate your radiance 

✓ To connect with your feminine magnetism, drop deeper into your juicy energy

✓ To take your life to a new level 

✓ To be introduced to new territories of love & intimacy


✓ To harness you sexual energy to feel more alive, creative & connected

✓ To deepen your intimacy with yourself and the relationships in your life

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1:1 Mentorship, all sessions are 

online based

2 x 2 Hour Calls

Bonus: 1 x 30 minute integration call


High-Touch support from Sassa

in-between sessions on WhatsApp / Voxer, Monday-Thursday

You get to Decide how your life is going to be lived by You

→ Decide that you are capable to Fully Transform your life. 

→ Decide to lead + live from your heart. 


→ Decide that your own internal world can birth the reality you want to experience. 

→ Decide that you are the here to shine your light and have the most beautiful life. 

→ Decide to serve + recieve more than ever before.

→ Decide that there's no better time to show up in your magic and share your gifts with the world, than NOW. 

Decide and I will lead and provide You with The Guidance and hand on tools for your most powerful shift! 


(Pay in full) €2,222.00EUR 


You are here to experience the Magic of being a Magnetic Woman

✦ Confident and safe in your own skin, voice and expression. 


✦ Feeling open, playful, radiant, feminine, while shining your light to the world.

✦ Experiencing the ripples of pleasure moving through your body with ease, into all areas of your life. 

✦ Higher-self awareness, where you're connected to your intuition and at peace with the decision you make. 

​✦ Healing your relationship with your body and letting go of the endless loops of self-abandonment.

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