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Sassa Asli

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To The Temple of Love & The Feminine Arts



Meet Sassa Asli 

Hi love, 
I am deeply honored & delighted to have you in this space! Serving & supporting you to expand & soften open in the most beautiful ways. I guide women back to the truth of their feminine (YIN) nature, unlocking the deep truth in her body as a woman in Love and in Life. I am here to walk with you as you shift your entire life as you know it. So to live in intimacy & alignmnet with your, deepest Feminine Design & Dreams while receiving the true treasures of your Heaven on Earth reality. This work is a deep soul calling of mine, & it is with so much devotion I guide women to masterfully mature into their feminine fullness & return to inner Divine Union. My own journey has been infused with many powerful initiations that has invited me to embrace my womanhood & deeply descend into my heart-womb, face my pain with the masculine, & my fears as a doorway to my wholeness and true expression. Mastering shadow work is essential, knowing yourself as a woman is non-negotiable there are no short cuts for the woman who is here to live her life in full alignment with her he(Art) & fullest expression. It is my greatest joy to walk with you on this devotional path. To fully awaken to the truth of your heartunfading beauty, love, magnetism, radiance & all that is available for you to experience in life, love & beyond

Spiritual Maturity

Feminine Devotion  

Emotional Intelligence

Elevated Consciousness

Your radiance is sourced in your rested state and true nature, in the
return to your deep 
feminine design.When you EMBRACE the Truth
of who you are
, you shift your whole experience as
a woman
. Your body is the portal for Love & your
beautiful creations to flow effortlessly through you.

Testimonials From Clients

I used to struggle so much with my body image & with eating disorders. I never felt safe in life or in my body. Sassa guided me back to myself, my sexuality and I learned how to cultivate intimacy, safety and pleasure in my own life. I now know how to find pleasure not outside but within myself and that feels so incredibly empowering. 

Lisa, Costa Rica

I was guided to deeper connect with myself and my emotions. Sassas beautiful energy and loving approach has made me feel safe and supported. She has inspired me to open my heart and really listen to my intuition. Now I see more clearly the magic in fully embracing my feminine energy.

Hanne, Oslo

Sassa and I quickly connected and I felt really comfortable talking with her even about most sensitive and intimate topics. She was very professional and gave me valuable feedback on how to overcome challenges and move forward. I would recommend Sassa to all women who want to work on their self-awareness, relationship with the masculine  and sexuality.

Mia, Prague

Dive Deep into the ocean of your soul & her callingthrough the path of devotion, love, truth, surrender, feminine embodiment,
divine union & liberation

THIS deep feminine yearning for Devotional Love
THIS curiosity of connecting with your mystical ancient soul, ​is your invitation to follow the signs of Truth guiding you back to the fullness of you

 Take my hand.

I truly believe that if you have found yourself here, you know deep inside that you are meant to answer the call of your soul. To experience the richness & fullness of your feminine, beyond your past/present programming, patterns, armors & fears. To receive deeper love, connection with self, life & the masculine/men/God. The way I guide cuts through all nonsense, is highly practical & deeply mystical. It is the deep path of the feminine. In my mentorships we descend deep into the body, the womb & the sacred awakening of your WOMAN. These codes & practices will intelligently assist the woman who is here to spiritually mature in this time on earth. If in your heart you know that you are here for a big beautiful life, for devotional, spiritual love, know that it is not some crazy story made up by your mind. It is part of your Feminine Dharma in this lifetime.​ It will require of you to look at your internal world, remove what no longer serves, create space, integrate your trauma & ​release the identities you have held onto. To be able to meet, open up to, & RECEIVE what you are here to experience as a deeply feminine woman. It is my joy to water you in your flowering, & guide your return home. I invite you to step into the fire of growth and self discovery with me - we are going to have such a beautiful, potent, profound and expansive time together. 



Sassa, xx

Anslutande prickar

Your wildest liberation + transformation

Anslutande prickar

WhatsApp Support

This is a 2 Week WhatsApp Support, send me an email, and or fill in the questioner on this website for more information.

3, 6 or 12 Month Mentorship

This is a high level (bespoke) container & a long-term commitment. A deep & powerful journey for the woman who is here to revolutionize her life, from the inside & out in

all areas possible. To back to Divine Love,

Embody her true Primal Nature &

Feminine Magnetism.

Activation Call

This is a 90 min call that will activate & move you out of your conditioned mind, any stuckness you might be in & into profound clarity + alignment. These calls have completely changed lives! Available

for both Men & Women. 

Seduce your life 

Liberate your expression

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As women, we have been growing up in a world that has – in all kinds of ways – guided us incredibly far AWAY from the TRUTH of who we are & our true Nature & WOMANHOOD...It is time for us to RETURN

You are here to thrive & in order to experience a new reality for yourself you must make the conscious choice, devote & commit to YOU.

Information does not mean a thing without integration, this is why embodiment is essential on this path. You come back to the intelligence of you Body. 

Take my hand 🤍


Feminine Embodiment 

The Truth? I used to be deeply disconnected from my body, inner wisdom, mostly living in my mind, chronically controlling life and afraid of being 'too much'. I was wearing masks to hide behind, always adjusting myself to 'fit in' and had no idea how to live in alignment with The Truth of my deep feminine design. I was constantly abandoning myself, pushing and forcing my way through life. did not know how to honor my cycle, or energy, without feeling depleted and burned out.

I had eating disorders, irregular periods and did not feel comfortable in my own skin. Until I devoted myself to this journey of remembrance & returning back to my body. 

And most importantly, restoring and repairing my relationship with men and the masculine. Which is absolutely essential on the feminine awakening path.


With the support of Mentors, and years of embodiment work, I slowly began to return to my wholeness, loved my pain into power, and healed my nervous system back to balance. Reconnected with my heart and body


I believe we as women have reached a critical point, where we no longer can reject our true nature without experiencing harmful consequences. We are not meant to abandon our YIN, live "out of" our body the way most women are today, not honoring our monthly cycle and micromanaging our mind / lives / relationships. There is a better way and I am here to invite you to step fully into the new paradigm, with me. 


I am here to Initiate woman like you to the next stage of your Spiritual Evolution. 

It is truly so special to guide women on this (r)evolutionary path of deep life-changing transformation, feminine magnetism and embodiment. It is for the Woman willing to dance the cosmic dance of Life, offering herself in totality to Love and the mystery of Existence.

It is time to step IN-to the truth of who you are, woman

- let us begin! 

You know you are here for a reason.
You know you are here to RETURN to the truth of who you are
With reverence to your soul, intention in every step, & playful-ness

in every move you make. Let yourself be deeply seen, guided & witnessed in your greatest expansion as a woman.

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