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Lianne, Amsterdam

I can highly recommend coaching sessions with Sassa for several reasons. First of all because she addresses topics regarding intimacy and emotions which are for many people not available or freely to speak about. I have felt so safe to speak about my sexual experiences and issues and it’s a great way to explore yourself on a deeper level. Also, I have understood during the coaching with Sassa that my sexuality and intimacy is a truly beautiful feeling and something to enhance way more in my daily life. It’s not just about sex, it’s about the co creation with life. She creates a safe space to share and also she is very loving in her communication before and after the session. She guides intuitively and is very sharp and clear in her guidance and support which is extremely helpful for your own understanding.  I will definitely continue to explore the hidden shadow parts with her to make them a beautiful part of my life. Thank you deeply for your commitment and support dear Sassa


Romy, Bali

The coaching I had with Sassa gave me a lot of clarity about my lack of trust in myself and that, that was in the way of being my full self and of following my heart. I really learned from her that to be my true self, to be my sexual self it is about trusting myself. That it is up to me to create trust and safety for myself to be ME and to embody this trust within. She made me so aware of that trusting myself is a part of being my full self. After the calls, I felt an energetic shift, with feeling already more trust and safety.

These calls gave me a lot of insights and more clarity. She is a very warm and loving person. I really want to thankyou Sassa for being your authentic self and helping me and many other people with your wisdom. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Client love

"Guidance from Sassa has helped me fall in love with myself. This investment is the greatest gift I've ever given myself. My whole life has transformed. My self-respect. My energy, my orgasms, connections and internal happiness have evolved and deepened.Sassa's heart, passion and devotion to her work has changed my life forever. 

Are you ready to take responsibility for all that you are and can be? 
Are you ready to finally receive all that is already available to you?

When you have the courage
To show up 
To be guided 
To surrender 

The true path of alignment & mastery is illuminated for you.


Let's glow!

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