I work with Women who are here to embody their radiance, and live their full feminine expression.

This is for you if…​

  • You want to start living and creating from your heart and not your head. 

  • You want to embrace your Femininity & Magnetism. 

  • You want to have an immersive introduction into conscious sexuality & receive exclusive intimacy codes.

  • You want to take radical responsibility for your patterns and your life.

  • You want to work with your triggers & be guided to Transform your reality. 

  • You’re ready to make bold moves & let go of all of your old stories. 

  • You're committed to living an authentic life in service to spirit. 

  • The uncomfortable, unsexy work doesn’t scare you, it excites you! 

I'm beyond exited to start this beautiful journey with you!


The journey
into your soul.

I celebrate you beauty!

As you step into a new Paradigm, where you get to be deeply met and nourished.


Guided to connected with your body, intuition and erotic innocence.


We are here to thrive as women,

feeling  grounded, energetically balanced, 

self-sourced and oh so delicious!


You are here to align with your own

pulse and to sync with the desires of

your heart. 

This is a beautiful moment in your life,

a catalyst for Transformation. A calling

to aligned with what feels good for You

My Mentorships are powerful portals, where you get to Expand and Transform through your body.  

And the work you do on the inside will touch and evolve every area of your life

Let's journey into the mystical land of

The Feminine. Root deeply to Rise beautifully...


Love from my heart,  

Sassa xx