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You are a high performance woman designed to fulfill your greatest potential and live the life of your dreams. See it, move with it, trust it, know it. This is the next version of you babe. The Woman you were born to be. Heart-lead, liberated & free. 

This is where the deep unfolding and true magic happens...

Ready to create quantum leaps in your life?

This is an intimate High Touch 6 month Online Mentorship. A powerful portal for transformation. A journey of balancing your feminine & masculine energy. A container custom designed for you to move out of your current limitations and into flow. This work will open you up in the most profound ways. Leaving you heart centered, connected to your intuition & your body. Feeling sensual, open & aligned with your highest path. I am beyond excited to guide you! 

You are The Woman


She who leads herself first


She who does not settle

You were meant to experience,

The beautiful relationships.

The earth shaking orgasms.

The most fulfilling life for you.

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself?


6 months of calibrating to this Frequency.

6 months of Transforming your sex & relationships.

6 months of showing up for YOU.

6 months of getting into deep soul Alignment.

You know why you are here. Intuition, check.

Ready to be balanced in your masculine and feminine energy - to get all the support while you rise. This is where it all happens,

in and through your body.

Access your truth, your authenticity, your sexual energy - you were born for it, and it’s all so perfect - and you are so supported!

It's time to stop repeating the old, being stuck and just "OK".

You are READY to put in the energetic, emotional and financial commitment to YOU. This is your time to shine baby! 

Heart Leadership is leading from Love, it is leading yourself first from 

the core of who you are. 


Imagine this version of you

  Being in LOVE with yourself from the inside and out. 

 Embracing your orgasmic nature as a woman and the infinite ways to experience pleasure. 


 Connecting to your Wild feminine essence, and embodying all the 7 feminine archetypes. 

✦ Feeling safe in your body, no more hiding or trying to fix or fit yourself into unrealistic ideals. 

✦ Unlocking the Deep Feminine Codes within you.

✦ Activating your Yoni, and transforming your relationship to your sexuality. 

✦ Unapologetic in your wants and desires in bed and beyond. 

✦ Embodied in your sensuality as a woman, and balanced in your feminine and masculine.

✦ Creating the most intimate relationship with yourself. 

✦ No more shame, no more "what if I am too much",  feeling guilty over your sensitivity or your emotional world. 

✦ Having an abundance of epic full body orgasms with or without a partner.

✦ Letting go of external expectations. 

✦ Creating an aligned life that feels nourishing and fulfilling to you.

✦ Living from feminine flow, not hustle. 

The core themes inside Sensual Embodiment

Feminine / Masculine Energetics & Polarity. Feminine Leadership . Embodiment . Soul Purpose .

Sexuality . Spirituality. Self-Mastery . Empowerment 



My Mentorship is meant to move you out of the old and into the New Paradigm. We are going to go deep baby!

You will connect to your soul while creating the life

you came were here to live, in alignment with the intelligence

of your Body. Expanded and Liberated. 

To end the repeating patterns of the past and heal the wounds that are blocking you. So that you can let Love and Life in. 

You will develope Feminine Leadership skills to live and LEAD from your heart instead of your mind. Cultivate emotional intelligence, integrate the lower aspects of your being and

self-regulate. To feel safe in your body, knowing that you are held and protected by YOU, by God.

You will expand your consciousness, get comfortable in your

sexuality while coming home to your femininity. 

This is your calling. It's time for you to remember your divinity, your erotic elegance. To move beyond your own BS and take radical self-responsibility over your life. It's time! 

Because love + inner union, pleasure, God, your body based business, money, health...It's all connected! This is transformational work and you are here for it. 

Your desires are not random love, they're in your heart for a reason. Waiting for you to BE the woman who is a vibrational match for all that she desires. 

Live your life the
feminine way.

You are craving to connect with your femininity. I see you woman. You want to know how to live from your heart, not your mind and to pour love into every part of your life. Your relationships, your desires, your business and everything you  adore! I want that for you. You want to learn what it takes to live a life not needing to burn out or push your way through. Claiming what you desire, brave enough to ask for what you want in bed and beyond. Trusting your own leadership and living in alignment with what sets your soul on fire. This Mentorship, for you to awaken the magic in your bones and to live + feel wildly alive as a woman!


Self-mastery is sexy & fun

Learn how to....

✓ Harness your sexual (creative) energy and direct it towards what you are here to create

✓ Cultivate a deeper understanding of the Masculine & Feminine Energetics 

✓ Cultivate the art of being turned on by yourself first, and let that ripple out 

✓ Open the portal of sensuality for personal growth & higher states of consciousness 

✓ Discover the art of having multiple orgasms & true erotic freedom in your body

✓ Be comfortable, confidant & communicative about your intimate desires


✓ Master the skill of conscious relating & communication


Feminine. Masculine Energetics. Polarity. Love. Spirituality. Faith. Soul biz. Pleasure. Purpose. 

Devotion. Grace. Authenticity.

Courage. Integrity.

We will dive into...

Exclusive workout plan

In this 6-month Mentorship you'll also receive a customized workout plan, and nutritional advice. Your body is your temple and the foundation from which everything manifests in your life. Let's get you started! 

What's inside?


all sessions are online based.

1 breakthrough call (2 hours)

17 x 60 minute calls 

Beautiful Pdf:s to support your journey.


Exclusive for this mentorship is a customized 

workout program and nutritional advice. 


Personalized High-Touch support on WhatsApp/Voxer Monday-Friday. 

Full activation & embodiment of all the core themes.

I teach you


-How to harness your sexual energy, for more energy and better sex-life.

-How to move out of your head into your heart and create sustainable long term change, in your body, and mind.  

-How to embrace your feminine radiance, cultivate safety in your body, and master emotional intelligence for deeper intimacy in all of your relationships. 

-How to get out of your own way and align with your highest path and purpose in life. 


This is you stepping into the next version of you and the Energy of The Modern Woman, deeply grounded in her body, pussy power and expanded in her life


The #1 key to being embodied is to get out of your head and deep into your body.

INVESTMENT IN YOU: (Pay In Full) €12,222.00EUR

payment plan is available upon request 


Let us know if you have any questions regarding the Mentorship Programs


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