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Discover My 1:1 Private Mentoring


You are a woman designed to have a deeply fulfilling life with beautiful relationships, to feel nourished in all areas & live a life in alignment with what is right for YOU. See it, move with it, trust it, know it. She is You. Heart-centered, devoted

grounded, radiant, liberated, alive & free. 

Magnetic Woman
This is where the deep unfolding
& true magic happens...

The Mystical Path Of The Feminine

This is an intimate High Touch 6 month Online Mentorship. A powerful portal for deep transformation & a journey of returning to your true essence as a woman. This container will open you up in the most beautiful & profound ways. Leaving you heart-centered, spiritually matured, connected to your intuition, your body, feminine core & destiny.

You are The Woman


She who is here to Return to the fullness of HER.


She who is here to experience her wholeness. 


She who is here to drip in her own divine essence, her openness & connection to her body. In tune with her soul.

You were meant to experience,

The beautiful relationships.

The most intimate connections.

The deep healing orgasms.

The most fulfilling life for you.

You are ready to free yourself and find your way back to your softness.

I invite you to lean into this next phase of your journey & evolution. 


Your body longs to truly open and let go of the resentment and mistrust for men and the Masculine that you have been holding on to for so long. 


6 months of returning to & embodying your Magnetism as a woman.

of completely transforming your sex & relationships.

 of showing up for YOU. Trusting your body, 

& getting into deep Alignment.

You know why you are here. Intuition, check.

Nothing happens by coincidence.


Your are ready to integrate your masculine / feminine energy - embrace your femme essence, receive long-term support while you blossom open

Access truth, authenticity, sexual energy, the unfading beauty within -

there are treasures hidden inside of you darling, waiting to be

touched, unlocked & seen by YOU.

No more repeating the old, staying stuck in outdated patterns

& just living an"OK" life. You are meant to feel ALIVE.

You are Ready to put in the energetic, emotional & financial commitment in you
. This is your time to shine love. 



You are naturally magnetic as a woman, you were never meant to push or force. In this Mentorship

you will....

→ Experience an internal shift that will move you from controlling, forcing & leaning forward to gracefully leaning back & being in a state of receptivity.

→ ​Ease your nervous system, symptoms of stress & move

 through stagnation.

→ ​Undo & unlearn the addiction to controlling, over-functioning, victim mentality, doing, manipulation

& other fear tactics.


→ ​Return to your feminine (YIN) nature


​→Restore & repair your relationship to all forms of the masculine so that your past pain no longer creates 

your Now experience.

​→ Transform the way you relate to the masculine, life, men & money.

→ ​Live from your heart & integrate immature behaviors & patterns.

Imagine this version of you

Being in LOVE with yourself from the

inside & out. 

 Embracing your deep orgasmic nature as

a woman & the your mystical nature. 


 Connecting to your Wild feminine essence,

& embodying all the feminine archetypes. 

✦ Feeling safe in your body, with a regulated nervous system, 


✦ No more hiding or trying to fix or fit yourself into unrealistic ideals. 

✦ Unlocking the Deep Feminine Codes

within you.

✦ Activating your Yoni, & transforming your relationship to your sexuality. 

✦ Unapologetic in your holy heart desires

in bed and beyond. 

✦ Embodied in your sensuality as a woman,

& integrated in your feminine & masculine.

✦ Creating the most intimate relationship

with yourself & others. 

✦ No more shame, no more "what if I am too much",  feeling guilty over your sensitivity

or your emotional world. 

✦ Having an abundance of full body orgasms with or without a partner.

✦ Letting go of external expectations. 

✦ Creating an aligned life that feels nourishing and fulfilling to you.

✦ Living from feminine flow, not hustle. 

✦ The descent: Creating a felt sense of safety in

the physical body & a cultivate a release process

to clear out any emotions blocking your eros. 

The core themes inside Magnetic Woman

Feminine / Masculine Energetics & Inner Polarity. Magnetism. Somatic Healing. Spiritual Maturity . Embodiment . Soul Purpose . Sacred Sexuality . Emotional Intelligence . Self-Mastery . Spiritual Repair with the Masculine. The unbecoming. Nervous system Regulation 

Image by Annie Spratt

Feminine Arts

We are going to go deep darling!

You will connect with your soul, while consciously co-creating a life that lights you up from the inside, that feels deeply nourishing & aligned with what you came here to experience. Guided by God, & the Intelligence of your heart. 

End the repeating patterns of the past & integrate the limitations that are between you & the path of your supreme destiny. So that you can receive, Love & Life INTO your body & experience. 

To surrender, live & be LEAD by love instead of fear. Cultivate emotional intelligence, integrate the lower aspects of your being & learn how to self-regulate. To feel safe in your body, knowing that you are ALWAYS held & protected..

You will expand your consciousness, get comfortable in your

sexuality while coming home to your wholeness & femininity. 

This is your calling. It is time for you to remember your divinity. To move beyond your own BS & take radical self-responsibility over your life. 

Because love + inner union, holy pleasure, God, your body based business, abundance, health...It is all connected! This is transformational work & you are here for it. 

BE the woman who takes the aligned steps in the direction of her heart & says yes to herself.

There is nothing I love more than providing intimate support for women who are soul-ready & willing to commit to themselves.


Live your life with
ease & grace.

What if you could let go of force & fear, knowing that you were carried by the river that flows in & through you. To trust the intelligence of your BODY & pour yourself into every part of your life that you love. Your relationships, your soul based mission, your growth & everything you deeply enjoy! I see that for you. You are here to live a life without burning out, being stuck, pushing or forcing. Being brave to communicate from your heart. Trusting that you are held, guided & supported on this path. Living in alignment with what feels right for your soul. This Mentorship, is for you to awaken the magic in your soul & to live + feel wildly alive!


Unlike many programs out there,

teaching feminine embodiment & energetics,

Magnetic Woman is NOT about:

∙Learning from the mind, 

intellectualizing concepts, mentally consuming more information or following a step-by-step process.

∙Ascension & how to "rise". The feminine descends. Your inner masculine will naturally rise, as a result of

your feminine descent.

∙Floating away (out of your body) into non-grounded spirituality &/or identifying yourself as a "goddess".

∙Using your feminine energy to manipulate & playing

games with men. Or manifestation techniques to create your reality, which will in the long-term leave you exhausted.

∙Learning through a linear 3D perspective.

∙Learning "how to be feminine". It is not something we "learn", it is not a mental concept, it is something you already are, under the walls and armor.


Knowing yourself is sexy
& fun

✓ Integrate the Masculine & Feminine Energetics within you 

✓ Embrace the art of receiving

✓ Open the portal of sensuality for personal growth & higher states of consciousness 

✓ Experience orgasms for healing, & 

erotic liberation in your body

✓ Be comfortable, confidant & communicative about what is alive for you


✓ Expand in conscious relating & intimacy

✓ Be a soft, gracious woman while also expressing the outer limits of your emotional intelligence, authentically 

If you feel disconnected from your yoni & if your sex life feels significantly ”meh” or shallow, you are not alone.

For most of my life, I did not have any knowledge or a relationship with my yoni. It started with me losing my virginity at an early age in a very painful & unconscious way. 


During my adult life I allowed men to enter me without feeling ready.

I had low standards & my interactions with men was a reflection of the beliefs I held about myself & the unintegrated wounds/traumas I

held in my body. 


I faked my orgasms as I was ashamed of being honest & I did what I thought was "cool" or "sexy", because of what I had picked up from porn. There was no intention, no awareness, sensuality, or slowness, & not much understanding of how my body truly worked & what I was capable of. In fact, the sex I used to have was performative,

mechanical, disconnected, & very goal-oriented. 


I had no self-pleasure practice, the way I treated myself was the way men treated me: shallow, & unintentional. 


So to shift all this unconscious behaviors I first had to change the relationship with myself. Self-love & honoring myself was top priority & treating my temple as a sacred vessel became non-negotiable. I loved my yoni & tuned into her to understand her & what she was capable of when given the right attention. 


Through my committed work, I unlocked new layers of depths & pleasure. I experienced new types of orgasms & so much energetic expansion. I created a beautiful connection with my yoni, & was able to soften & release the numbness I had for a lifetime.


G-spot, cervical & full body orgasms became very natural for me to experience.


This is one of the reasons I have created this mentorship, because I know how many women out there who have not tapped into their powerful portal & have not yet awakened the pleasure potential

they have access to. 


This is what inspires me; to provide tools that helped me discover the depth & the gift of what it is to have a cosmic portal that gives you access to powerful orgasmic experiences & a free, liberated, joyful life.


Feminine & Masculine Energetics. Polarity. Love. Spiritual Maturity. Emotional Intelligence.

 Sexuality. Divine Purpose. 

Devotion. Grace. Authenticity.

Courage. Integrity.


We will dive into...

This path, no matter how uncomfortable it gets is yours to walk, & embrace. This is your homecoming!

There was a time when I wanted to stay stuck - because it was so easy to live that way. Playing small & being identified with all the limiting stories created by my mind. May ego was trying to keep me "safe", but I knew deep inside that I was betraying myself by living a version of me that was so far away from my true self,

& my souls-path. 

It takes courage to liberate ourselves, & only we ourselves can do it! Others may walk with us, but no one can walk for us.

I am incredibly grateful that I took radical responsibility & showed up for my healing + growth (& still do!). I would never have it any other way.


The only thing between you & living your life to the fullest - is your commitment of showing up for yourself, clearing your blocks, & healing the way you

perceive, respond to & receive life.


I would love to support you on

this feminine awakening journey!


Exclusive for
this offer

In this 6-month Mentorship you receive 

guidelines for training, tools for

a regenerative lifestyle, & nutritional advice. Your body is the portal & your temple. The foundation from which everything manifests in

your life. 

What's inside?


all sessions are online based.

2 x 2 hour monthly video calls -tailored to you. 

Workbooks to support your journey.

Exclusive for this mentorship is lifestyle, 

workout & nutritional advice. 


Personalized High-Touch support on WhatsApp/Voxer Monday-Thursday. 

Full activation & embodiment of all the core themes.

I teach you:


-Harness your sexual energy, for vitality,  energy, purpose & better sex-life.

-Move out of your head into your heart & create sustainable long term change, in your body,

mind and spirit.   

-Embrace your feminine essence, cultivate safety in your body, & master emotional intelligence for deeper intimacy in all of your relationships. 

-Get out of your own way & align with your unique path in life & subconscious repatterining to eradicate beliefs blocking you from new levels of intimacy even in moments of tension.


This is you stepping into the next version of you and the Energy of The Reclaimed Woman, deeply grounded in her body, pussy power and expanded in her life


The #1 key to being embodied is to get out of your head & deep into your heart & body.


payment plan is available upon request 


Let us know if you have any questions regarding the Mentorship Programs 

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