Guiding you to soften and surrender in this safe container. You will learn how to let go of control, connect with your heart, pussy and soul so you can receive and feel life moving in and through you. This is for the woman who is here to live an orgasmic life, have deep sex, connections and radiant self-love.

This 3 month container is designed for women to move out of their head and deep into their body & heart, through powerful pleasure codes. 

The awakening of your sensuality and sexuality is an important part of

this path as it allows you to get out of your mind and truly connect

with your body and yoni.

It will change the way you move, how you talk, how you perceive yourself

and the world around you. It will change the way you touch and self pleasure,

it will change the way you make love. It will open you up to a softer, slower, intentional, and conscious exploration of your life in bed and beyond.


It allows you to break free from years of suppression and programming

for what it means to be a "sexy" woman and how you are "supposed"

be and feel. 

It will Liberate You Fully and Deliciously.


I serve you to

✓ Address the subconscious parts/wounds/trauma in order for you to shift and thrive

✓ Unlock your Orgasms for Deeper healing & full sexual Empowerment

✓ Unleash your inner wild woman and explore the version of you that is unapologetically herself

✓ Release deep unconscious wounds and old beliefs, and relax your nervous system and become self-regulated 

✓ Tune into the wisdom of your body and learn to love yourself in a way you never have, and build a forever relationship

✓ Create a life without sacrificing your body, vitality, integrity or pleasure

What you get to 
experience with me  

✓ 3 months of intimacy, connection, healing, and ecstasy with your body, yoni & soul 

✓ Deep release of stuck emotions, sexual shame & heart ache 


✓ Dive deep into your Yoni pleasure, activation and how to live in sync with your cycle

✓ Embody your Femininity and learn how to experience more ease and flow


✓ Commit to powerful self-love practices 

✓ A new way of feeling lighter in your body, one without deprivation or pain

✓ Trust yourself, follow that which truly brings joy, meaning and depth into your life

✓ Heal and live with an open heart, ready to give and receive love abundantly 

✓ Access magical ways in which you can experience pleasure, in bed and beyond

✓ Become the woman who says YES to her life, to her dreams and to her full body pleasure 


The core themes inside Feminine Embrace

✦ Heart activation ✦ Embodiment Practices ✦ The art of being Feminine ✦ Pleasure Codes

Beautiful woman, you're being called back to your body, softness, femininity, pleasure & purpose. Take my hand and let us 

journey together.


Unlock your Pussy Power with Yoni Eggs 

Learn how to de-amour your yoni and clear it from past lovers so that your loving energy can flow through your heart

Get deeply comfortable with your pussy and all the magic she has to offer you, with your own cultivated sacred pleasure

Have stronger and deeper orgasms with your yoni egg practice

Learn to reach inward for validation, support and self-soothing

Live from your body not your head and create a beautiful practice for your pleasure to bloom and evolve 

Get comfortable with expressing yourself vulnerably and feeling safe in your body 

Learn how to truly get your needs met by yourself and in your relationships


I guide you to de-armour your yoni through jade-egg practice and awaken your shakti energy. Activating your sacred sensuality and sexuality.


I believe that healthy sacred sexuality is an essential part of our wellbeing and evolution as women. Every woman deserves to enjoy an extraordinary, nourishing
and exciting love life. To be deeply seen and have soulful relationships in her life. This 
Mentorship is a place where you will find profound tools and guidance to empower your own exploration of your sexuality, sensuality, spirituality and pleasure potential in a mindful and conscious way. 

Sassa Asli, Spiritual Guide 

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A woman’s sensuality is her way of life, it’s who she is

She never limits her pleasure to the bedroom 


She knows her body, she knows her sex, she knows herself 


She is in a playful & deeply sensual relationship with life itself


She surrenders to her wild erotic heart


She owns every aspect of her yearning, of her dreams & desires


She values herself as high holy art 


She is Art, She is The Gift


She approaches her altar as though she were approaching her lover


Her whole life is a ceremony and how she live it is her prayer


Come with me woman, this is your time to rise 


This is deep Feminine art & I wish for your most beautiful embodiment 


Give yourself permission to explore these energies within your body


Your sensuality is your birthright, it’s how you’re created as a woman to feel and BE


It’s not about the action, it’s about the embodiment, the energetics, the yoga 


We feel ourselves into our being, we move with our cycles, we dance with the force of creation, we embody the essence of our wet, dripping, full body fuck yes desires,

shamelessly, proudly & open


We go first, we lead and life follows 


This is our practice, our daily devotion to the feminine principles 


It is time for you to enter the temple of your own feminine sensual power

What's inside?

1:1 MENTORSHIP, all sessions are Online based.

1 x breakthrough session (2 hour)

8 x 60 minute sessions 

Powerful Heart + Yoni activation  

Beautiful Pdf:s to support your journey

Playlists to activate you

Personalized High-touch support on WhatsApp/Voxer Monday-Friday


Take my hand and let us embrace your femininity and open you up to the infinite portals of your erotic eros and feminine expression to flow through you

The path back to Love goes through your body. This journey will guide you to your wild naked nature,

to divinity and beyond. 


INVESTMENT IN YOU: (Pay In Full) €5.555.00EUR

payment plan is available upon request 


Let us know if you have any questions regarding
the Mentorship Programs.

Thank you!♥ 

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