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For the woman who is here to fully surrender to Divine Love, knows that feminine practice is an essential part of her life. Daily. Undoubtedly – if you are here to live in intimacy with life itself, and in all areas. This container is for the full feminine embodiment of your being.

This 3 month container is designed to guide you out of your head & deep into your body & heart-Womb. 

The awakening of your true self, your sensuality and sexuality.


When sexuality, heart and spirituality unites you return to wholeness within.

You become free as a soul in a human body. This is where I will guide you, cultivating aliveness & spaciousness for grace.

It will change the way you move, talk, how you perceive yourself

and the world around you. It will shift the way you touch and self pleasure,

how you make love and the people and opportunities you magnetize into your experience. It will deepen your current relationships and open you up to a softer version of yourself. You will begin to live intentionallyauthentically consciously exploring and gracefully expanding in all areas of your life.

This path will Liberate You Fully and Deliciously, If you allow it.


I serve you to

✓ Rewire your subconscious beliefs around shame, in order for you to open your body, shift your inner world & thrive as a woman

✓ Experience how it feels to not fear your softness but instead embrac it fully 

✓ Unleash your inner wild nature & explore all the version of the woman who is unapologetically herself

✓ Release deep unconscious wounds, patterns, relax your nervous system & learn how to self-regulate 

✓ Tune into the wisdom of your body & learn to love yourself in a way you never have

✓ Create a life without sacrificing your body, womanhood, vitality, integrity, or femininity

What you get to 
experience with me  

✓ 3 months of intimacy, connection, healing, ecstasy with your body, yoni & soul 

✓ Deep release of stuck emotions, sexual shame & heart ache 


✓ Dive deep into your Yoni pleasure, activation & how to live in sync with your cycle as a woman

✓ Embrace femininity & learn how to experience more ease & flow


✓ Commit to powerful self-love practices & reduce your blood loss & life-force energy

✓ A new way of feeling lighter in your body, one without deprivation or pain

✓ Trust yourself, follow that which truly lights you up, give meaning & depth into your life

✓ Live with an open heart, ready to give & receive love abundantly 

✓ Explore magical ways in which you can experience pleasure, in bed & beyond

✓ Be the woman who says YES to her life, to her dreams & to her blooming open


The core themes inside Feminine Embodiment

✦ Powerful Heart activation ✦ Embodiment Practices ✦ Feminine Arts ✦ Pleasure Codes. ✦ De-armoring of heart & yoni ✦ Masculine Integration

Dear woman, you are being called back to your body.

My deepest intention is to offer you a safe, luxe & holistic

experience for your blossoming. 


Unlock your Pussy Palace with Yoni Eggs 

De-amour your yoni & clear it from past lovers so that your loving energy can flow through your heart

Get deeply comfortable with your pussy & all the magic she has to offer you, with your own cultivated sacred pleasure practice

Experience more profound & deeper orgasms with your yoni egg practice

Go inward for validation, support & self-care & soothing

Live from your body not your head & create a beautiful practice for your pleasure to bloom & evolve 

Get comfortable with expressing yourself vulnerably & feeling safe in your body 

Having a solid Inner Masculine King template will hold the standard & structure for your Feminine Expression & Receivership. This is the foundation you will cultivate

within you, & what I will guide you through.


I guide you to de-armour your yoni through jade-egg practice & awaken your shakti energy. Activating your sacred sensuality & sexuality.


I believe that healthy sacred sexuality is an essential part of our wellbeing and evolution. Every woman is here to enjoy an extraordinary, nourishing
and deep love life, - with herself, LIFE, & her partner. To be fully seen (by self first) and have soulful relationships, as a reflection of how she loves herself. This Mentorship is a space where you will receive profound tools and guidance to empower your own exploration of your sexuality, sensuality, and spirituality in a mindful and beautifully conscious way. 

Sassa Asli 

Her openness, 

connection to her body, 

submission to the penetration of God, 

unwillingness to look away even when it
her devotion to love deeply,

her union with & trust in Divinity….

This is what makes her magnetic & magic. This is what makes her blossom into the full expression of her flower.

If you feel disconnected from your yoni & if your sex-life feels significantly ”meh” or shallow, you are not alone.

For most of my life, I did not have any knowledge or a relationship with my yoni. It started with me losing my virginity at an early age in a very painful & unconscious way. I did not prioritize my own pleasure at all.


During my adult life I allowed men to enter me without feeling ready.

I had low standards & my interactions with men was a reflection of the beliefs I held about myself & the unintegrated wounds/traumas I

held in my body. 


I faked my orgasms as I was ashamed of being honest & I did what I thought was "cool" or "sexy", because of what I had picked up from porn. There was no intention, no awareness, sensuality, or slowness, & not much understanding of how my body truly worked & what I was capable of. In fact, the sex I used to have was performative,

mechanical, disconnected, & very goal-oriented. 


I had no self-pleasure practice, the way I treated myself was the way men treated me: shallow, & unintentional. 


To shift all this unconscious behaviors I first had to deepen the relationship with myself. Self-love & honoring myself was top priority & treating my temple as a sacred vessel became non-negotiable. I loved my yoni, tuned in to understand her & what she was capable of when given the right love + attention. 


Through my devoted self-work, I unlocked new layers of depth & pleasure. I experienced new types of orgasms & so much energetic expansion & release. I created a beautiful connection with my womb, & was able to soften into the numbness I had for a lifetime.


G-spot, cervical & full body orgasms became very natural for me to experience, it became a way of life. But most importantly, I was connected to my power center, the wisdom of my womb-manhood.


This is one of the reasons I have created this mentorship, because I know how many women out there, have not tapped into their powerful portal & have not yet awakened their pleasure potential

& full body wisdom.

This is what inspires me; to provide tools for you, that helped me discover the depth & the gift of what it means to be a tapped in woman, with the access to powerful orgasmic experiences

& a free, liberated, joyful life.

Flicka i Baddräkt


A woman’s sensuality is her way of life, it is who she is

She never limits her pleasure to the bedroom 


She knows her body, she knows her sex, she knows herself 


She is in a playful & deeply sensual relationship with life itself


She surrenders to her wild erotic heart


She owns every aspect of her yearning, of her dreams & hearts desires


She values herself as art 


She is Art, She is The Gift


She approaches her altar as though she were approaching her lover


Her whole life is a ceremony & how she live it is her prayer


Come with me woman, this is your time to shine 


I wish for your most beautiful embodiment & awakening 


Give yourself permission to explore these energies within your body


Your sensuality is your birthright, it is how you are created as a woman to feel & BE


It is not about the action, or what to do, it is about the embodiment,

the energetics, the alignment  


We feel ourselves into our being, we move with the Intelligence of our cycle, we dance with the forces of creation, we embody the essence of our wet, dripping, full body pleasure, shamelessly, & beautifully


Our energy goes first, & life follows us


It is time for you to enter the temple of your own feminine sensual power

For your expansion, love! 


❀  Womanhood
❀ Feminine Radiance

❀ Softening into your Femme Essence
❀  Heart Centered



❀ Sacred sexuality
❀ Self pleasure practice
❀ Yoni de-armoring
❀ Female G*spot

squirting ejaculation & full body orgasms


❀ Devotional Love
❀ Conscious Relating
❀ Healing The Masculine

Father/God wound
❀ Honor, trust & love for The Masculine


❀ Spiritual maturity

❀ Integration
❀ Heart activation

/ body Purification
❀ Vulnerability, integrity, receptivity etc..

What's inside?

1:1 High Touch bespoke MENTORSHIP,

all sessions are Online based (with exception).

The structure

2 monthly video calls, tailored to you. 

Workbooks to support your journey.

Energetic Transmissions &

body-based practices, uniquely for you. 

High level support on WhatsApp 


The path back to Love goes through your body. This feminine journey will guide you back to the truth of your nature as a woman & feminine being.

Undoing, & unlearning the addiction to controlling, victim mentality, over-doing, overthinking & other manipulation & fear tactics you find within & in partnerships. This is a transformational path for the woman who is ready to release her old patterns, behaviors & embody her true magnetic essence. 



payment plan is available upon request 

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Let us know if you have any questions regarding
the Mentorship Programs.

Thank you!♥ 

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