Sensual Embodiment

Feminine Energetics & Deep Soul Alignment

Sassa Asli

I see you and I feel you.


You are tired of feeling disconnected to yourself and your body. You are living mostly in your masculine energy, feeling drained, faking your pleasure, looping in the same destructive patterns with men, having body image issues, living out of alignment with no clear direction in your life. 


Your beliefs around yourself, your body, men, money and receiving runs deep inside of you. 

It's coded in you.

It defines you.

It enables you.

And it also limits you.

It's time to change that coding running through you...

Whether you found me because you wanted to connect deeper with your feminine essence, sensuality, softness, souls purpose, or to alchemize your past into a new empowering story....know that you are in the right place. 

You have been guided to be the woman moving herself out of the old and into the new, standing grounded in her sovereignty and living from her heart. In this space you will discover your true identity where you no longer live a life compromised by fear or lack. 

Finding yourself here was never a coincidence. Your soul has a calling, and it is leaving you clues all the time. I invite you to take a good look through these pages and feel into your body while you discover what is possible for you when you work with me. Imagine the power you hold to shift your life around and you can start right now.

Feel the excitement of taking the inspired aligned actions for your future self, and truly
feel into your full body YES!

Welcome to your first step, into this new Paradigm. I look forward to get to know you!

xx, Sassa 


Meet Sassa Asli 

Hi love, I’m here to guide you to embody your sensuality & awaken to your divinity. Your most authentic self so you can claim the life you came here to live. As I embarked on my own healing journey I soon realized that my fears and traumas was the doorway to my wildest pleasure, power and purpose. As I healed and moved through much of my unconsciousness to light, I connected deeply with my innate worth & inner knowing. It was within my ability to embrace, face, worship, accept & love all of me that I started to break free from shame and limitations keeping me trapped. I reconnected with source energy, my heart + womb as a sacred portal to the divine & reclaimed myself as a holy woman. I've always been wieldy passionate about exploring the depths of this human experience & potential and my personal journey has led me to deepen my understanding of self & here I am, honored to walk for women like you in these deep transformational times on earth...

Femininity & Radiance

Sensual Empowerment 

Feminine Leadership

Deep Soul Alignment

My mission is to guide you back to your body, femininity, intuition, and pleasure. Expanded, powerful, integrated, sensual, connected to source,

awake & divine. Are you ready for your next dimension


Sassa, xx

Your wildest liberation + transformation


Exclusive 1:1 Mentorship

This is my highest level container. Sensual Embodiment™, for the woman who is ready to transform her life from the inside and out. To embody her next level of expansion and magnetism with my high touch support. Discover Divine Feminine energy activation, beautiful inner work and life path alignment. 

Feminine Embrace

Learn how to embrace the fullness of your innate wild woman. This is an intimate container to unravel, explore and cultivate deep body love, to soften and deepen the connection to your delicious femme parts. You are a multi orgasmic woman, this is how you were created and it is time to claim it.

Women's Circle 2022

Your sacred online space to feel nourished, supported and held by women who get it.

Your place to expand, to heal, to laugh, and to feel. A place for you to connect with other likeminded women all over the world who also are devoted to grow, evolve and dive deep into all things womanhood. 

I am here because I hold the vision of women walking back to wholeness.

I am here to celebrate our darkness, our pain, our rage, and our deepest 

grief buried in our hearts.
I am here to turn it all into light, life and love. 

I am here for our incredible bodies — bruised, depleted, violated, shamed,

worthy, divine, perfect, beautiful, wise and WILDLY ALIVE.


I am here because I believe our beauty runs deep in our souls, 
and sometime we need to be deeply seen to discover it. 

I am here for the reclamation of our inherent worth, womb WISDOM, innocence, 
erotic pleasure and orgasms. 
For women to fully claim their throne

I am here for women to break generational curses and set themselves

and all around them free. 

I am here for abundance consciousnessfor building soul businesses aligned

with our purpose, while deeply honoring our womanhood and femininity

I am here to heal back our sisterhood, so we can be the women 
leading other women to greatness

I am here for Women. Holy, Wild and Free.    

From my heart to yours, 

Sassa xx


I used to struggle so much with my body image & with eating disorders. I never felt safe in life or in my body. Sassa guided me back to myself, my sexuality and I learned how to cultivate intimacy, safety and pleasure in my own life. I now know how to find pleasure not outside but within myself and that feels so incredibly empowering. 

Lisa, Costa Rica

I was guided to deeper connect with myself and my emotions. Sassa beautiful energy and loving approach has made me feel safe and supported. She has inspired me to open my heart and really listen to my intuition. Now I see more clearly the magic that lies in embracing the feminine.

Hanne, Oslo

Sassa and I quickly connected and I felt really comfortable talking with her even about most sensitive and intimate topics. She was very professional and gave me valuable feedback on how to overcome challenges and move forward. I would recommend Sassa to all women who want to work on their self-awareness and sexuality

Mia, Prague

We need a world full of women who have detoxed themselves of external expectations & have claimed themselves fully & unapologetically.


Wild Woman

The truth? 3 years ago I was still very dominant in my masculine (survival) energy, disconnected from my body & afraid of being 'too much'.

I was faking my orgasms and had no idea how to ever feel pleasure or live a life in alignment with my feminine essence where I didn't have to constantly push, force or burn out.

I wanted to feel
 radiant, connected, comfortable and safe in my own skin. Turned on by life while sharing my gifts with the worldEnjoying my body + erotic light, but I didn't know how to access it all. I just had this inner knowing and a very strong desire in my heart calling me home, through the path of the Divine Feminine. I embarked on the journey of reclaiming myself fully as a woman. With the support of Mentors, my faith, deep cellular healing and lots of embodiment work, I slowly started to come back home to my wholeness and remembrance. 

The wild woman was unleashed and I felt like I could breathe, for the first time in my life! In deep devotion I walk for this beautiful evolutionary era of expansion and in service to you woman. It's time to claim yourself and the only way through is in, take my hand and let's journey together and explore the mystical path of the Divine Feminine. 


✓ You don't need to waste time doing it all on your own love.

✓ You don't need to be 
overwhelmed by all the different methods, teachings and modalities while trying to figure it all out by yourself.

✓ You don't need to feel like you are being behind in life, you can start now and create radical shifts.


✓ You don't need to worry about age, or being too old. This is divine timing right here, waiting for you to claim it. 

✓ You just need to show up for yourself, commit to stepping into your next level of leadership, love & life.



Because It's time to turn the right side up and you know it! You are being called to jump into the unknown, to take the leap and to leave behind everything that's no longer serving you - there's magic waiting for you. 


You just need to say YES to to yourself, be held through your expansion, as you awaken to your own inner wisdom and power to confidently live in alignment with all your hearts desires.

You know you are meant for more.
You know you are designed to feel liberated within your own skin.
With reverence to your soul, intention in every step, and playful-ness in every move you make. 

Let yourself be deeply seen, guided, heard & witnessed in your expansion.

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